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When I was a little lad I wanted very much to draw comic books. I was diverted into a"saleable skill": computers. But I have the last laugh. Now I am a starving computer artist.

I've been 'doin art stuff' for a few decades now. My gallery is a hodge-podge of everything and I'm sure it will continue to be. But there are a few common elements that tie my artwork together:

  • I'm trying to reach my potential in open source art programs. Trying to be the best GIMP, Inkscape, blender artist I can be. (Free and Open Software, YEAH!)
  • I realize that a lot of people enjoy the old story paradigm of "nearly naked woman is in deep distress until hulking heromale swoops in and does the rescue thing ", but that's not really what I'm into. I grew up surrounded by women and my current household is mostly women and I don't believe that women's solutions are any less valid or their heroism is any less needed/substantial. I often find the opposite is true. So my art goes in that direction.
  • I really don't like weapons. I tend not to make art that celebrates them. The real cluster bombs, land mines and projectile weapons doing very real harm to very real people around the world make me lose all desire to participate in an ad campaign for more of the same. It's not to say that I don't ever depict weapons, but I don't exalt them.
  • Over time my art will focus more and more on my own original characters. So far it doesn't, but my plan is to be busy doing my own characters.

I have been really enjoying the art on Deviant Art and I can find things that make me happy in most all of the art I see. In general I feel like people don't say their compliments out loud but their criticism comes through loud and clear so I try to be quick to compliment and slow to critique. If you received a random compliment or a llama from me, that's what that was all about. But I welcome critique on any/all of my art even if I end up disagreeing with it. I love to learn new things and hear different perspectives.

Thanks to everyone that watches me. I try to keep improving and come up with images, animations and graphics that are worth watching.

Thanks to all of the awesome Deviant Artists who are teaching me so much just by doing their art. And in particular
:icondctb: :iconoutsidelogic: :iconsj-lykana:

I started a new tumblr
Wow.  I am scattered in a dozen different directions right now.

 1. My family is about to move (the last time I moved was more than 25 years ago).

 2. I'm trying to finish up a few tutorial ideas I have.

 3. I have been working on new art but I'm holding it until May.  It's nice to sit on it for a bit and go back and make a few final fixes before posting after I haven't looked at it for a while.  I think I should try to always do that in the future.  

(here's a peek at something )

 4. My art buddies SJ and outsidelogic and I have slowly started developing a new group :iconmutualsupportclub: and are figuring out how we're gonna make it useful.  

 5. I have what to me seems like a big backlog of web clients

 6. because I only get an occasional oasis of concentration while spending most of my time on child care with my IRL buddy, my daughter.

 7. My band is still practicing, playing out, slowly recording.

 8. Why am I spending time thinking up this list?  There are a lot more things, but really, the only salient point is that I'm looking forward to posting art again in May.  April kinda flew by.  

and oh by the way.  AMProLand, which I wanted to make my top priority, is apparently not my top priority since I've coded not a line of code for it.  Hopefully when things get settled in the new house I can give it top priority attention for real.  



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Happy Birthday,Alex!
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Happy Birthday
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Happy birthday!!
donwhitt Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love your tutorials. I'm 40. Just started drawing. My wife Kim bought me gimp. I'm having fun with it. Great artwork you have. Love your color choices.
Jedimike Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Wanted to say hope you had a great birthday!
sorry im a little late but hope it was a good one!
Forest-Imp Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014   Photographer
Happy Birthday... again, apparently! LOL
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Thank you kindly for the watch! :)
AMProSoft Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014   General Artist
You're welcome. 
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